Dirks Pest Management Specialist is a 2nd generation family owned company, offering safe and effective pest and termite control for homes and businesses throughout Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Berks Counties.

Dirks Pest Control’s integrated pest management program effectively reduces pest issues by focusing on the entire problem.  Our program includes inspection to identify pest sources and assessment to determine the cause of the infestation and the best way to manage it.  Dirks Pest Control uses both chemical and non-chemical solutions to manage the infestation and provide monitoring ensure long term reductions.  Spraying is just part of our solution.  We will work with you to seal entry points, eliminate hiding places and reduce food sources.

Our integrated pest management program is the best choice when choosing an environmentally friendly solution that goes beyond short term fixes and instead provides long term solutions that use fewer chemicals.

All inspections are performed by experienced technicians that have been licensed and certified by the State of Pennsylvania. We are members of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and PPMA (Pennsylvania Pest Management Association) and attend on-going educational and technical seminars.

Nancy Dirks of Dirks Pest Control

Mike Dirks Owner of Dirks Pest Mananagement Specialist

Lauren H. is a Dirks Pest Control Administrator

Mark T. Service Manager

Dylan D. is a Dirks Pest Control Administrator

Stephanie M. is a Dirks Pest Control Administrator

Sean H. is a Dirks Pest Control Technician

Joey S.is a Dirks Pest Control Account Development Specialist

Steve B. is a Dirks Pest Control Technician

Alex N. is a Dirks Pest Control Technician

Ahren M. is a Dirks Pest Control Technician

Michael D Pest Control Technician

John R. Dirks Pest Control Technician

Ryan B. Dirks Pest Control Technician

Mike McKeon Senior Pest Control Specialist

Travis L. Pest Control Specialist

Dennis B. Pest Control Specialist

Mark K. Pest Control Specialist

Andrew H. Pest Control Specialist

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