The Spotted Lanternfly adult is about 1″ long and 1/2″ wide. The front of the wing is grey with black spots and the wings tips are have black blocks outlined in grey. The back wings have contrasting patches of red and black with a white stripe. The legs and head are black; the abdomen is yellow with wide black Stripes. Immature stages are black with white spots, and develop red areas as they grow.

With Spotted Lanternflies,
be sure to use someone who is more than just licensed and Insured to treat in Royersford PA 19468.

The Spotted Lanternfly can easily be identified in all the stages of its life cycle.  The most effective Spotted Lanternfly treatment involves the use of systemic products that transolocate through the entire tree and its branches.  It has been proven to provide fastest, most effective results available.

We have been specifically trained in the proper treatment of Spotted Lanternflies. Be cautious not to let someone contaminate your soil with improper and ineffective treatment techniques.

Spotted lanternfly  feed on plant and tree sap and in high populations, they can cause significant damage. They feed on over 70+ plants, including important forestry and agricultural crops.   If you have a Spotted Lanternfly infestation on your property, if untreated they will reproduce exponentially unless treated.

If you have Spotted Lanternflies on your property
Call Dirks For Treatment.

We are a PA-DOA
Certified Spotted Lanternfly
Permit Holder / Inspector for Royersford PA 19468

We have two Associate Entomologists on staff,
we will only use what is needed.

Sean H. is a Dirks Pest Control Technician