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Free Estimate or Pay an Inspection Fee?

Free Estimate – What is a Free Estimate?

The purpose of our Free Estimate is to provide an immediate cost estimate or cost range for our services that is based on the detail you provide to us over the phone.
This Free Estimate will be an accurate reflection of what is usual and customary for us to charge for the described service and is often immediately provided based on your description.  

Why do you charge for an inspection?

If you cannot identify your specific pest, if you have concerns of structural issues, if you need preventative service, or if you just want added peace of mind, we offer inspection & identification services for a flat fee.  If you choose to use us in the future for treatment or if immediate treatment is needed, the fee is 100% credited toward our treatment.

The Inspection a Dirks Pest Management Specialist performs is meant to be objective. It should be thorough and has no sales pitch, just facts. This means that we are straight forward in advising you to the pest conditions you really have and if treatment is necessary, required or desired.

The inspection fee we charge is our commitment to be your advocate and explain things in simple and practical terms so you have an educated understanding and you are equipped with what you need to make educated treatment decisions if needed.
Our incentive is to serve you and be your advocate.

Again, please keep in mind, if you choose to use us for future treatment, the inspection fee is credited at 100%.

Nancy Dirks of Dirks Pest Control

All inspections are performed by experienced technicians that have been licensed and certified by the State of Pennsylvania. We are members of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and PPMA (Pennsylvania Pest Management Association) and attend on-going educational and technical seminars.

Our integrated pest management program is the best choice when choosing an environmentally friendly solution that goes beyond short term fixes and instead provides long term solutions that use fewer chemicals.

We also hold the GreenPro & QualityPro certifications. Getting certified by GreenPro & QualityPro indicates a company’s unequivocal commitment to delivering effective, compliant and high-quality pest control services to their clients.

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Our Services

Our integrated pest management program is the best choice when choosing an environmentally friendly treatment that goes beyond short term fixes and long term solutions that use fewer chemicals.

Dirks Pest Management’s integrated pest management program offers a safe and effective pest prevention and treatment plan for your home.

Our residential pest control services focus on a total solution and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All our technicians and inspectors and licensed and certified with the State of Pennsylvania and are experienced in dealing with types of home invaders.

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Dirks Pest Management’s commercial pest control services are designed to prevent a potentially small problem from becoming an infestation nightmare. We know that your business’s reputation could be irreparably harmed by a pest infestation.

That is why our commercial pest control technicians use the latest integrated pest management techniques to stop an infestation BEFORE it happens.  

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Bed bugs are once again becoming a big problem across the United States.

Dirks Pest Management is a leading bed bug exterminator in PA and specializes in bed bug inspection, treatment and bed bug extermination.

If you think you might have bed bugs, call Dirks, the bed bug experts.  Read More


Dirks Pest Management offers comprehensive termite inspections for homes and businesses.

Our licensed and certified termite inspectors will conduct a complete, detailed and extremely thorough termite inspection.

Our termite inspection will include not only the active infestations from termites and other pests, but also a thorough analysis of the structural issues that have been caused by pests or water and also a detailed plan for how to resolve each issue.  Read More

Dirks Pest Management utilizes and integrated pest management program that ensures the best possible solution to any termite control issue, including prevention.

Dirks is the areas top termite exterminator with years of experience and an experienced staff of licensed and certified termite control and treatment exterminators and termite inspectors ready to treat your home and keep it safe.

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Dirks Pest Management is a leader in mosquito, flea and tick reduction services offering spraying services to reduce mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Our mosquito control services significantly reduce adult mosquitoes as well as reduce the number of existing mosquito larvae to prevent them from becoming breeding, biting adults mosquitoes.

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Dirks Pest Management’s exterminators are highly trained and experienced, licensed and certified by the State of Pennsylvania and ready to handle any pest, termite or insect control issue you encounter in your home, yard or business.  

Our experienced exterminators have encountered everything before and are able to handle your situation professionally and securely utilizing Dirks integrated pest management program that focuses on both chemical and non-chemical treatments.  

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