Honey Bee Identification Tips

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Honey Bee identification is not always simple and it does take some practice.  For one thing, not only do some of the different bee species look very similar to each other, but they may also be confused with other insects which, for a variety of reasons, mimic particular bees.  Keep in mind that Honey Bees often move from flower to flower in a bouncing pattern.  While Honey Bees are collecting pollen, they often make it easy to observe the process. A few quick tips and Honey Bee features are circled in red to compare.  The most common misidentification locally is between the Honey Bee and the Yellow Jacket.  This should help you in the process of protecting Honey Bees.  If you suspect a Honey Bee hive or swarm is on your property it can be relocated.  Please make every effort to protect Honey Bees. Contact us about our $25 Off Any New Service Coupon

Backyard Mosquito Flea and Tick Control

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Our Mosquito, Flea and Tick Control Services Include: Property analysis including identifying breeding areas. Backpack barrier treatment of foliage, vegetation, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens and resting areas. Ongoing treatment program to maintain reduced numbers throughout the summer months. We can easily service areas up to 5 acres and offer one-time event mosquito spraying for events. Pre-Season Special If we can get your dates on the schedule Pre-Season, we can lock your prices from last year. We are scheduling the calendar for our spring and summer Mosquito, Flea and Tick treatment routes. If you schedule pre-season, we can give you access to last years pricing structure. Call For Details.   Our Preferred Mosquito Flea and Tick Control Program Uses Traditional or 100% Organic Pest Control Options. Dirks Pest Management is a leader in mosquito flea and Tick extermination and reduction services offering yard and lawn spraying services to reduce mosquitoes fleas and ticks. Our mosquito yard spray and flea and tick control services significantly reduce adult mosquitoes fleas and ticks  It also reduces the number of existing mosquito larvae to prevent [...]

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