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We are still here for you. In light of the ongoing news surrounding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that we are taking precautionary steps to protect our customers, communities and our employees. We are actively monitoring reports and instructions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the recommendations of our Governor and local municipalities and acting upon their recommendations. In Pennsylvania, the Pest Control industry has been designated a "life-sustaining businesses" for the protection of buildings and Dwellings.  In addition, the CDC and EPA need our industry to continue to provide our services for they also play a vital role in protecting our nation’s public health and food supply. As one of our valued customers, our involvement in your safety is one of our primary concerns.  We understand that times right now are unnerving, but at the request of the Governor, the CDC and EPA, our technicians are still working, to help to protect your home & food Supply.  As a precautionary step, we are focusing on our exterior barrier, as a primary treatment for the duration of this National Emergency; if it is the case that an interior treatment is [...]

EEE and West Nile virus threat in the news

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The recent mosquito EEE and West Nile virus threat in the news has caused some concerns. Please keep us in mind for your Mosquito, Flea and Tick lawn, shrub and yard treatments. We can minimize your exposure to Mosquito, Flea & Tick related illnesses.   This information is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  Per CDC ~ West Nile Virus Activity by State – (as of August 6, 2019) Per CDC ~ Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE Virus)   Contact us about our $25 Off Any New Service Coupon

Zika risk in Pennsylvania.

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These maps show The new estimated range maps have been updated from a variety of published and unpublished sources. These maps show CDC’s best estimate of the potential range of Aedes aegypti andAedes albopictus in the United States. These maps include areas where mosquitoes are or have been previously found. Maps are not meant to represent risk for spread of disease. These maps DO NOT show Likelihood that these mosquitoes will spread viruses. Shaded areas on the map do not necessarily mean that there are infected mosquitoes in that area. Numbers of mosquitoes: These maps do not show how many mosquitoes are living in an area. Mosquito population numbers vary widely across the shaded areas on the map, from high numbers of mosquitoes in some parts of Florida and Texas to rare reports of mosquitoes further north. Exact locations of mosquitoes: These maps are our best estimate of where mosquitoes could potentially live. Actual mosquito populations will vary by state and county. Mosquito populations may be found in an area that is not shaded on the maps and may not be found in all shaded areas. Find the Insect Repellent that is Right for You [...]

Backyard Mosquito Flea and Tick Control

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Our Mosquito, Flea and Tick Control Services Include: Property analysis including identifying breeding areas. Backpack barrier treatment of foliage, vegetation, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens and resting areas. Ongoing treatment program to maintain reduced numbers throughout the summer months. We can easily service areas up to 5 acres and offer one-time event mosquito spraying for events. Pre-Season Special If we can get your dates on the schedule Pre-Season, we can lock your prices from last year. We are scheduling the calendar for our spring and summer Mosquito, Flea and Tick treatment routes. If you schedule pre-season, we can give you access to last years pricing structure. Call For Details.   Our Preferred Mosquito Flea and Tick Control Program Uses Traditional or 100% Organic Pest Control Options. Dirks Pest Management is a leader in mosquito flea and Tick extermination and reduction services offering yard and lawn spraying services to reduce mosquitoes fleas and ticks. Our mosquito yard spray and flea and tick control services significantly reduce adult mosquitoes fleas and ticks  It also reduces the number of existing mosquito larvae to prevent [...]

Montco Reports First Case of Zika Virus

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A 55-year-old woman tested positive for the virus after traveling outside of the United States to a country where the Zika virus has been found, the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD) said.


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Need advice on keeping pests out of your home?
Check out these helpful Pest 101 Videos for do-it-yourself tips and tricks.
Be sure and involve Dirks Pest Management Termite and Pest Control as the best solutions are always done in partnership.

Carpenter Ant

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Carpenter Ants are a pest control problem second only to termites in terms of damage.
If you suspect you have carpenter ants in your home, we can help.
Did you know that a carpenter ant nest can take up to 3-6 years to mature?

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