Bed BugsBed bugs are once again becoming a big problem in Trappe PA. Dirks Pest Management Specialist is a leading bed bug exterminator in Trappe PA and specializes in bed bug inspection, treatment and bed bug extermination. If you think you might have bed bugs, call Dirks, the bed bug experts in Trappe PA.


Bed Bug Exterminator Trappe PA Facts:

  • Bed bugs feed on humans when they are sleeping or sitting still for long periods of time as well as household pets. Their bite is painless, but will leave a small mark.
  • Bed bugs will forage over 15 feet from their nesting area and move from room to room easily
  • Bed bugs prefer to rest in cracks and crevices, inside mattresses and box springs, bed frames and chests of drawers, as well as picture frames on walls
  • Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eliminate


Why Choose Dirks Bed Bug Exterminator for your Trappe PA Area Home?

DIrks Pest Management Specialists 100 Satisfaction GuaranteeBed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. Traps and most chemicals are not effective on them. Direct contact is required to kill a bed bug, which is made difficult as they like to hide in cracks. Control and eradication measures for bed bugs are extensive and require participation by the residents of the infested home.

Dirks Pest Management uses chemical and non-chemical solutions to treat bed bug infestations in Trappe PA and will work with you to keep your Trappe PA area home free from bed bugs after treatment.


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